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Igre Koje Igram


With my first hundred G’s bought my momma house
Bitch don’t try to suck my dick if you got cotton mouth
Watch these snitches, man, these rats think they Mighty Mouse
In the kitchen, Arm & Hammer, just the right amount
Got the dope spot poppin, dope spot jumpin
Car parked by itself, robot stuntin
And it’s voice activated, I just tell it somethin
I ain’t even gotta press a button
Viper with the rally stripes, I don’t eat no Rally’s
I don’t eat my words, nigga I don’t eat no salad
I got too much on my plate, I got too much on my palate
Never seen my car before, it’s like a unicorn in traffic
Too much fucking talent; rap Shakespeare, go Hamlet
You other boys could kiss the game goodbye, be romantic
Please don’t worry Nancy, all my weed is organic;
If my children end up smoking
I'll whip they ass if they don’t pass it
Hol’ up -- I just got a package
I let my bitch test it, with flying colors passed it
Burning money fast, like fire on the plastic
You dead man walking, throw some tires on your casket
They say niggas in wheelchairs is half dead as it is
I still keep the Heat on me, attitude Cavalier
Boy I think your whole clique’s Summer’s Eve, Massengill
Monastat 7, Vagisil
Uh, and my name don’t need no adjectives
And my flow don’t need no adlibs
The booth the battlefield
Flag red like I’m Russian, call me Vladimir
Took a picture with the pistol, gave it rabbit ears
These niggas got fast careers, fast as Batmobiles
My bitches got sex appeal, they like sex and pills
For reals, I’m sorry if you hate you
And I’m sorry for the wait too


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by Mire 22.12.16 01:10
zasto gluhonjemi dr*aju samo ljevom rukom...

desnom stenju ...
by wopa 23.10.16 09:27
znas li praviti vektore u ps?
by DropItLikeItsAWP 30.09.16 19:42
Je li jos uvijek radis u PS kao nekada ?
by invadenn 05.05.16 18:31
mali vejn se slusa, slusaj prave šajrak sevedže, fredo santana, mali risi
by 21asylah 17.01.16 11:04

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